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Welcome to the web page of your favorite tourist guide for Vienna and Austria! My name is Biljana, I was born in Belgrade during the “happy 70s” of the 20th century. I had the fortune to spend my wonderful childhood and my joyful high school years in my birth town.

Vienna tourist guide - Biljana Mraković

Vienna tourist guide - Biljana Mraković

At the beginning of the 21st century, I arrived in Vienna to study slavic languages, and fell completely in love with this imperial city. After my two years of schooling for a state licensed tourist guide, I decided to make Vienna my new home. This is why now I am able to be your host on a magical journey of discovering the beauties of history and attractions of this magnificent city. If you`ll let me, I`ll also guide you through all of Austria and give you a complete insight into this small, but mesmerising country.

I`ve been in tourism for almost a decade now, and I had the good fortune, while travelling with my dear clients, to experience most of Europe first hand. This extensive knowledge of European culture has enabled me to keep my stories clear, concise, interesting, encompassing, and most of all, interesting for all kinds of groups of people – whether you are a young traveler, of an experienced adventurist.

It will give me great pleasure to show you the full extent of my quality guide services, and in this manner I will thank you for the trust you have put in me!

If you are an agency:

My dear colleagues, thanks to my five years long experience working in a traveling agency, I have been well introduced with the kinds of demands that tourist agencies put in front of the tourist guides. This is why I can guarantee that if you put your clients into my experience hands, they will be thrilled with their stay in this town and your choice of a tourist guide, and in return they will come to your agency again and again.

Since a part of this website is only partly translated into English language (the rest of it is being translated at the moment) I will, for now, shortly list the tours I am able to offer to my clients:

  1. Vienna torus – I will show you some of the most famous and exciting Vienna attractions, such as Ringstrasse, Opera, Parlament, Rathaus, Burgtheater, University, Prater, Schönebrunn castle, Museum of Art History, Belvedere Gallery, Leopold Museum, and much much more…
  2. Vienna surroundings tour (4 hours long) – I will guide you through fascinating monasteries Heiligenkreuz and Klosterneuburg, outside of Vienna.
  3. Austrian tours (8-10 hours long) – you will get a chance to see and experience medieval legends in the Wachau tour, see three castles with an amazing history (Grafenegg, Altenburg and Rosenburg), and visit Salzburg, where you`ll be able to get answers on questions like “How did Mozart kugels get to be?”, “Why did Mozart`s sister abandon the carrier of a pianist?”, etc. and get a chance to experience some of the greatest pubs and wineries in Austria.

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